All about Private Detectives

The role of the private investigator is to investigate for his clients, but also to assist them, advise them and inform them. They can be companies or individuals. It should be known that this expert is generalist or has a specialty (morals, financial …).

The private detective was formerly a specialist in the business of manners, that is, the search for missing persons, divorces, or adulteries.

Before entering this trade, it is essential to possess the driving license as well as a car, the motorcycle license is not compulsory but recommended.
Mastering the English language is also a plus, see necessary.

The private investigator solves problems of general interest, at the request of companies or individuals. Very different from a policeman, he is an observer, a research specialist: each of his missions consists of an investigation in search of evidence.

Mission of the profession: Private Investigator

The idea of ​​the profession of private investigator is largely distorted by what television or the media show of this profession.
• The purpose of the private investigator is to find concrete evidence in any given judicial process.
• The clientele is varied. He may work for individuals, such as seeking evidence of adultery in a divorce proceeding (this will be taken into account in the calculation of child support or in the choice of child custody), or investigate On a missing person. It can also be used by a company (bank, insurance company, etc.) seeking evidence of unfair competition, fraud, etc.
• He may be specialized in an area (customs, tax evasion …) or generalist.
• The profession follows a code of ethics. Listening, access to files and carrying weapons are prohibited to private investigators.
• As soon as a case evolves into criminal law, the private investigator refers to the police or customs, who take over.
• Since he is not bound by any territorial limit, he can work anywhere in France, but also internationally.
• It brings together written, photographic, audio or video proofs. To do this, he does spinning, collects testimonials, and scans the databases.
• At the end of his mission, he draws up a detailed report, which is proof. This document can be used in court.

Much of his work involves detecting industrial espionage, fighting against unfair competition, spotting breaches of trust and scams, and discerning fraud of all kinds …

The investigator performs a detailed and detailed account when he has completed a mission.

Clients are mainly bailiffs, collection agencies, insurance companies and banks.

The investigator performs upstream operations of the gendarmerie or the police. It has the possibility of seeking a one-off mission, working independently, or being part of an agency as an employee.

Actor of Justice

Any document produced by the private detective is admissible in court before the courts and the courts as an element that constitutes proof. The detective can bring in new elements during a counter-investigation.

Thus, it may participate in amending the findings of a case that has been or is about to be dealt with.

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